Over the last several years it has been my mission to create beauty in my work to create beauty in the world. I believe this is a worthwhile mission, but I also believe I probably have other things to say through my art. I have ridden a 20 year wave of showing in Phoenix starting at a time when Artlink had only been in existence for about 10 years and the art community was smaller. I thrived in the period of 2004-2008, before the crash, when there were more than a 100 local art galleries and studios actually owned by local artists. More than 10,000 people would come out to look at art and enjoy First Fridays. With the gentrification and reconstruction of downtown, there are no longer affordable spaces available for artists, and it looks like now Grand Avenue will soon be taken too.


I believe it would be interesting to create a gallery to do shows on issues that aren't necessarily pretty that other galleries are afraid to touch such as abuse, sex trafficking, and drug abuse. While I have not been trafficked, and I am not a drug abuser, my life circumstances from my childhood put me in a unique position to be a bridge between this world which has surrounded me my entire life in one form or another, and the "normal" world. Actually, I don't know if I will ever be a part of the "normal" world, but despite this, I believe I can help to bridge the gap, maybe provide inspiration, and educate through my art. If I have not done this by the time I have died, in one form or another, I do not believe I will have accomplished my life mission. This could work well on Grand Avenue because prisoners are regularly released from 4th Avenue jail and make their way to Grand. It would serve the population that needs service, healing, and a drink of water, but everyone is getting ready to sell out to be gentrified, and rent is already unaffordable for one person. I am trying to get into the position where I can keep pushing ideas and my work will be heard and seen. I am really not sure what form this will take.


I am hoping to catch another wave. I want to evolve and continue to push my limits, but right now there is no outlet. It’s a curious place to be. It opens up all of the possibilities again. And leaves me with the question of what do I really want? What do I want to see in the world? What would I like to have said about me and my work when I die? Even the most basic question… why do I make art? It really needs to be relevant to someone to matter.


Does art matter?





Arizona State University, BFA Painting, Magna Cum Laude





K Brambilla Studios, Peoria 1999-Present

Chakra Gallery (part owner), Phoenix 2016

First Studio, Phoenix 2016

Art Detours 17-21, 23-29 Phoenix

K Brambilla Studios @ Oasis on Grand, Phoenix 2014-2015

Seven13sk8 (part owner), Phoenix 2011-2014

Hazel & Violet, Phoenix 2010-2011

Behind the Door Gallery, Yarnell 2007-2011

Kivi Moments in Time, Scottsdale 2009-2010

K Brambilla Studios @ Anti_Space, Phoenix 2009

Kollectiv Art and Design Group, Phoenix 2007-2008

Tree of Life Gallery, Phoenix 2007

ARTSTAGESOUND, Phoenix 2006-2007

Re/Max Discover Gallery, Scottsdale 2006

Color Del Sol, Phoenix 2006

Red Dog Gallery, Art in the Yard, Phoenix 2004-2008

BFA Exhibit "On the Two Dimensional Plane", ASU Step Gallery, Tempe 1998

Mars Artspace, Phoenix 1998

Exclusively Photography @ Eleven East Ashland, Phoenix 1997

Exhibits & Awards dating back into my youth.





Hands on Arizona Volunteer Grand Avenue, Phoenix 2015

Painted Grand Avenue Planter in Front of ThirdSpace, Phoenix 2015





Seven13sk8 2012-2013

Hazel & Violet Print Press 2011

First Stitch Sewing Lounge 2011





Free Arts of Arizona

One N Ten

Tumbleweed Center

The New Foundation

Susan G. Komen

Pride Scholarship Fund

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Montessori Christian Academy






Kristine Brambilla




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